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Training Program

Accelerator Program
Part 1

People Who Read People®
Focused Transformational And
Transactional Development


lots of appraisals but few listings?

Compromising on fee?

dealing with irrational vendors?


WHAT IS psychology in selling?

This program is the perfect combination of: 


Practical psychology, to work on your mindset and more importantly, your skills to read people and influence their decision making. 


Learning new and effective strategies to overcome resistance from clients and to perform under pressure to close deals. 


Learn to apply these practical strategies and techniques to real-life situations at work and in personal life. 

This is what Your Program Covers

Know the Client

Understand how the client thinks to present your value and information to the client easily.

Learn to adapt to the client’s language

Close the gap of miscommunication

Build trust fast and prequalify quickly

Obtain information that identifies where clients are in their buying cycle

Reframing Arguments

Use Tag questions to open minds and close deals fast.

Construct reframes of common client objections and stalling tactics to gain commitment.

Apply tag questions to all statements and move deals forward to the close.

Apply techniques to eliminate disagreement and gain acceptance.

Brain Science of Appointment Setting

Learn the appointment setting techniques from a sales trainer that has made over 220,000 cold calls.

Apply scripts that set qualified appointments.

Maximise your time and energy to get more qualified meetings and open more opportunities.

Close more deals


Pancho Mehrotra...

Pancho Mehrotra, the co-founder of Frontier Performance, has been helping business leaders and sales teams take their businesses to new levels of sales success since 1991. Pancho is a sales and communications expert who brings a unique set of skills, training, and experience to the table. He has developed his own proprietary sales method that uses psychology and negotiation with amazing results.

  • Over 30 years’ of hands-on experience
  • Trained 1000s of salespeople
  • Set records for selling in past sales positions
    (in the insurance industry, he sold over 100 policies in one week!)
  • Personally made over 220,000 cold calls in his career
  • Developed his own Emotional Intelligence profiling tool
  • Helped his students sell over $146 billion worth of goods and services
  • Regularly provides over 10 x ROI!

Additionally, Pancho has a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and went to Harvard Business School to undertake a specialised course in Negotiation.

“In these uncertain times your ability to keep us all focused on what matters and honing our skills to read people well continues to pay dividends for us. We have all recognised the better these skills are, the better the quality of service and help we deliver to our clients and customers.”

Barry Cawthorn, Managing Director

What is included

Your registration includes everything you will need to not only get started, but to catapult your business to the next level... NOW!

Valued at

over $3849

online coaching sessions with Pancho

and more...bonuses

All prices include GST
*Coaching session up to 30-minutes

“There has been a major shift in the mindset and perspective...the energy levels after your sessions goes up by 3,4,5 times, which translates into dollars.”

Gavin Rubinstein, Ray White Double Bay

Available To You At An Unbelievable Price



3 x $550

That’s correct! This transformational program is available at this special price today.

Register for this transformational program NOW

“Just when you think you have done and seen all the trainers, come in Pancho! He has a refreshing approach to the way business is conducted. Very enlighting methods.”

Robynne Arnouts, Richardson & Wrench Double Bay