Find out the most powerful approach to move past procrastination and turn your goals into a reality!

The time to go after your goals is NOW!

"Make an immediate impact on your personal and business results using the same blueprint that thousands of our students have used to get unprecedented results."

Are you successful?

Are you successful and happy?

Do you have both?

If not, why not?

Do you want to have both?

If so, the Psychology of Personal Performance: How to Achieve Your Goals program is for you. In this program, I will show you:

⦁ How to set goals

⦁ How to categorise them so that you can attain a balanced and happy life

⦁ How many goals you should go after at one time

⦁ Practical and effective templates that will help you to write your goal setting plans


This program will help you identify the motivating reasons that propel you, assisting you in overcoming any obstacles you face that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

This program is not your usual, typically anaemic SMART goals session. This is not me jumping up and down screaming at you to be PASSIONATE. I’ve rarely seen that work long term.

My students who have gone through this program have had a life changing experience. Not just for the short term, but year after year!

I will give you the tools to cope with pressure around your goals and put all the pieces together for a happy, fulfilled, and successful life!

“I have been using Pancho since I started this business 5 years ago – I find his sales techniques and strategies very effective and are continually developing my sales team. This is not a one-off course, it is a continuous process, the minimum investment is 12 months for me to get my team to the level I am looking for.”

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James, Commander
“I have had the pleasure of being trained and mentored by Pancho when I was working for Toyota and New Car Sales and without a doubt, he is one of the best forward-thinking sales trainers I have ever been trained by, and being in sales for most of my career I have seen and been trained by a lot. Helping me understand people’s buying processes from all angles and allowing to think outside the box of a traditional approach, all this has allowed me be a Top Achiever in my Industry of Advertising Sales now. I highly recommend Pancho.”
Ben, Are Media
“Pancho is an experienced sales trainer with skills and dialogues that most trainers can’t offer. His work really helps you focus on the important areas of business that lead you to success. He is an intelligent person but always humble and offers humour in his work. Highly recommend Pancho as a sales trainer and coach.”

Stephen, Marriott Lane Real Estate


The Psychology of Personal Performance: How to Achieve Your Goals program includes:

⦁ Identify your “why” for your goals – The Psychology of Achievement and setting personal bests
⦁ Achieve clarity of thought in all aspects of your life
⦁ Build practical action plans for identified goals

We live in a fast-paced world and there are certain skills that are required in order to successfully navigate the day while accomplishing all that you want to accomplish. Like with any skill, Goal Setting gets better with time and practice, done well you can expect to be crushing your days just like the top performers.

If you are ready to crush your goals one after another, then this is the type of training that shows you how to accelerate your progress towards your goals!

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About Your Sales Trainer: Pancho Mehrotra

Pancho Mehrotra, the co-founder of Frontier Performance, has been helping business leaders and sales teams take their businesses to new levels of sales success since 1991.

Pancho is a sales, communications and negotiation expert who brings a unique set of skills, training, and experience to the table. He is the most qualified teacher to learn from in the industry. He’s even developed his own proprietary sales method that uses psychology and negotiation with amazing results.

Pancho has:

⦁ Over 30 years of hands-on experience
⦁ Trained over 5,000 salespeople
⦁ Set records for selling in past sales positions (in the insurance     industry, he sold over 100 policies in one week!)
⦁ Personally made over 220,000 cold calls in his career
⦁ Developed his own Emotional Intelligence profiling tool
⦁ Helped his students sell over $146 billion worth of goods and     services

Additionally, he has a background in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and went to Harvard Business School to undertake a specialized course in Negotiation.

It’s available to you at only $1650 (inc GST)

The path from defeat to success has already been discovered. Hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people started with nothing and achieved great success. In this training, Pancho presents a simple, powerful, and effective system for setting and achieving goals—a method that has been used by thousands of people to achieve extraordinary things.

Using these practical goal setting steps in the training and tapping into your own individual psychological strength that exists in each one of us, you will be able to accomplish any goal you set for yourself – no matter how big.

You will discover how to determine your own strengths, what you truly value in life, and what you really want to accomplish in the years ahead, so that you attain a balanced and happy life, how many goals you should pursue at once and much more are covered, along with practical templates that will help you to write your goal setting plans.

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What Does the Program Look Like?

• Access to your personal training portal for 6 months

• Video tutorials – unlimited viewing for the access period

• 4 x Weekly follow up exercises

• Exclusive access to recorded audio streaming

• Email support

BONUS: Coaching call (video) with Pancho to accelerate your goal achievement journey!

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Did the program 7 years ago and still using it!

Reconnecting with a client I trained 7 years ago – he still has my training folder!
The right type of knowledge stands the test of time and is always applicable.

Comparing the results of his personality profile test before and after really showcased the evolution of his thinking and leadership skills, which has seen him move up the corporate ladder over the past 7 years.