Psychology in Selling People Who Read People®

The Brain Science of Appointment setting

Overcome call reluctance, without sounding desperate, even if you generally struggle to get enough meetings.


2 x Coaching Sessions with Pancho to develop your personal script

PLUS Weekly follow up activities

PLUS Extended access for six (6) weeks


Extended access to all training materials available at a small subscription fee.

What you will get

Open 25% more opportunities

Increase call to meeting ratios by at least 20%

Develop a fearless mindset to rejection

STOP sounding like your competition

Personalised script templates that set qualified appointments

Use powerful emotional words that create a desire in the client to meet you

Maximise your time and energy to get more qualified meetings

What is included:

✓ Access to your personal training portal

✓ Video recordings

✓ Audio recordings

✓ Online worksheets

✓ Additional resources related to your program

✓ Email Support

Brain Science of Appointment Setting

Your Program will cover the following:

✓ How to get yourself in the right mindset to make cold calls consistently

✓ Workshop and develop a personalised script that  works for YOU!

✓ “So, Why should I meet you?”

✓ Types of Appointment Pitches

✓ Guidelines for Creating Your Appointment Pitch

✓ Understand the value of knowing your numbers


Looking forward to seeing you on the Program! 

“I have been using Pancho since I started this business 5 years ago – I find his sales techniques and strategies very effective and are continually developing my sales team. This is not a one-off course, it is a continuous process, the minimum investment is 12 months for me to get my team to the level I am looking for.”
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James, Commander
“I have had the pleasure of being trained and mentored by Pancho when I was working for Toyota and New Car Sales and without a doubt, he is one of the best forward-thinking sales trainers I have ever been trained by, and being in sales for most of my career I have seen and been trained by a lot. Helping me understand people’s buying processes from all angles and allowing to think outside the box of a traditional approach, all this has allowed me be a Top Achiever in my Industry of Advertising Sales now. I highly recommend Pancho.”
Ben, Are Media
“Pancho is an experienced sales trainer with skills and dialogues that most trainers can’t offer. His work really helps you focus on the important areas of business that lead you to success. He is an intelligent person but always humble and offers humour in his work. Highly recommend Pancho as a sales trainer and coach.”

Stephen, Marriott Lane Real Estate
“I was fortunate enough to be trained by Pancho back in 2013 and not only do I utilise what I had learnt to this day, I also refer back to my study book to refresh from time to time. I have no doubt that it has helped with my personal development and growth.”
Mikkel, Lexus at Canberra
“I'm learning how to sell without 'selling' and it's so simple after I understand how this works. Pancho's genuine enthusiasm and energy is hugely motivating. If you want to improve your sales performance, I highly recommend Pancho in helping you get there quickly.”
Lean, Cloud Accounting
“Your training has been one of the best motivational programs we have ever had. Your techniques are now being used daily by our staff with a high success and conversion rate.”

Anthony, Crown Property

Did the program 7 years ago and still using it!

Reconnecting with a client I trained 7 years ago – he still refers to the old training folder!
The right type of knowledge stands the test of time and is always applicable.

Comparing the results of his personality profile test before and after really showcased the evolution of his thinking and leadership skills, which has seen him move up the corporate ladder over the past 7 years.

About Your FACILITATOR: Pancho Mehrotra

Pancho Mehrotra, the co-founder of Frontier Performance, has been helping business leaders and sales teams take their businesses to new levels of sales success since 1991.

Pancho is a sales, communications and negotiation expert who brings a unique set of skills, training, and experience to the table. He is the most qualified teacher to learn from in the industry. He’s even developed his own proprietary sales method that uses psychology and negotiation with amazing results.

Pancho has:

⦁ Over 30 years of hands-on experience
⦁ Trained over 5,000 salespeople
⦁ Set records for selling in past sales positions (in the insurance     industry, he sold over 100 policies in one week!)
⦁ Personally made over 220,000 cold calls in his career
⦁ Developed his own Emotional Intelligence profiling tool
⦁ Helped his students sell over $146 billion worth of goods and     services

Additionally, he has a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and went to Harvard Business School to undertake a specialised course in Negotiation.